Sunday, May 15, 2011

Someone named Josh Collmenter was awesome yesterday

In Los Angeles, they weren't showing the Red Sox-Yankee game on Fox. Instead they showed the always fascinating Dodgers and Diamondbacks match up.

Nothing like watching 2 sub .500 teams duke it out in a half empty Dodger Stadium.
It turned out to be a great game. The Diamondbacks won 1-0 despite the fact that Chad Billingsley and the Dodger staff held Arizona to a single hit.

But the story was Josh Collmenter. I never heard of him before.
Unless you are a Diamonback fan or a member of the Collmenter family, I am guessing YOU have never heard of him either.

He had made 7 relief appearances in 14 innings pitched prior to yesterday.
Then took the mound and threw 6 innings of 2 hit ball where the Dodgers never seemed to have a chance.

He only threw 71 pitches in those 6 innings and probably could have gone 10 innings if need be.

Not bad for a 15th round pick.
I know most of the blog world (and this one as well) will be writing about Jorge Posada.
But let's salute someone who actually showed up to play!
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