Thursday, May 26, 2011

I feel bad for Carlos Fisher

The Phillies wound up beating the Reds in 19... and I want to talk about one of the pitchers of record.

Everyone is talking about Wilson Valdez and his win out of the bullpen. Yeah, it is great and cool that a utility infielder got the win as a pitcher.

But about about some love for Reds pitcher Carlos Fisher?
Can you imagine how frustrated he must feel tonight?

He wasn't expected to pitch tonight. The Reds looked like they had a win in the 10th inning.

Instead it went on... and in the 14th inning Fisher came into the game and batted in Ramon Hernandez's 6th spot with reserve catcher Ryan Hanigan coming in.

Every pitch he threw could have won the game for the Phillies.
He threw a 1-2-3 14th inning.
Then a 1-2-3 15th inning.
He worked around a Wilson Valdez hit in the 16th (he wasn't yet pitching.)
He worked around a Ryan Howard walk in the 17th.
Then he got out of the 18th despite another Wilson Valdez hit (this one was a double.)

Valdez seemed hell bent on winning the game. Little did he know he would be CREDITED with the win.

Meanwhile, despite Fisher keeping the Reds in the game, Cincy couldn't push a run across the board.

And they couldn't even score when Valdez was one the mound... a move by Phillies manager Charlie Manuel that literally says "It's worth more for us to lose this game than to wear down our pen."

Valdez was the human white flag.
And the Reds couldn't score off of him.

Finally he let up a game winning sacrifice fly, giving him line of 5 2/3 Innings pitched and 1 run.

It was the longest outing of his career. (Only once in his 60 previous games had he gone even 4 innings.)

He lasted almost as long as the starting pitcher. (Reds starter Travis Wood lasted 6 innings.)

He pitched his heart and guts out.
And for his troubles, he got the loss. It is first decision of the season.

You deserved better, Carlos.
Please accept this blog post as a consolation prize.

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  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    You feel bad for him. If you felt "badly" that would mean your ability to feel was bad, not how you feel when you contemplate this guy.