Thursday, May 26, 2011

Never has a .244 average seemed so fierce!

Carl Crawford entered today’s game with the Tigers batting .229 and still being mentioned as one of the biggest busts of the year.

After today’s 4-5 performance that included 2 triples and 3 RBI, he is up to .244. Again, below the mediocre mark of .250… but still.

A month ago he was battng .135.
He was below the Mendoza line as late as May 5. His OPS was sub .500 3 weeks ago.

Now after back to back 4 hit games, the OPS has soared about .600 and he is getting closer to being the hitter everyone thought the Sox were getting.

And oh yeah, have you noticed that since his bat has woken up, the Red Sox have been winning… a LOT?

In fact as I type this, the Red Sox are in a virtual tie for first place with the Yankees, 2 percentage points behind them and 1 game back in the loss column.

A lot has to do with MISTER TWO FORTY FOUR!

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  1. Hey Sully,

    out west and need a couple of 'Red Sox Nation West' t-shirts. Can you point me in the right direction?