Thursday, May 19, 2011

If the Giants and Dodgers play a wild game and nobody is there to see it...

Last night the Giants were in total control of the game for 8 of 9 innings it seemed like.

Then, blink, the Dodgers tied the game.

Then, blink, the Giants have a 3 run lead again on Cody Ross's 2 out 3 run 9th inning jack.

With all of these last at bat victories, Brian Wilson will have a shot at 20 wins before poor Matt Cain does.

But did you see where the Cody Ross homer landed?

The left field seats were practically empty.
Yeah I know it was a Wednesday, but still!

This is a Dodgers and Giants game!

Is this all residue from the Bryan Stow incident?
Fallout from the McCourts?

Either way it is sad. Los Angeles should be a huge baseball town, especially after the Lakers are out of it.

There must be a billionaire owner out there. One of my sons is a Dodger fan and in a few years he will be of the age where he will start to know the players and the ins and outs of the game.

Let's hope by then they have management that cares.

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