Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sorry Pirates fans... I won't jinx your team any more

It seems like every time I write something positive about the Pirates, they lose.
Every time I try to be positive about Pittsburgh and hope they finally make their way to .500, the team does a faceplant.

And I often have received nasty comments from Pirate fans when I criticize them... now I am getting flustered comments from Pirate fans when I praise them.

Here I am, a Red Sox fan blogging... and we Sox fans constantly get accused of only focusing on the Red Sox and Yankees. So I try to open up the discussion to the Pirates, and evidently I am causing them to lose.

So Pirate fans, I will stop blogging about them for a while.
But if we get to June and they are STILL sub .500, you can NOT blame me!

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1 comment:

  1. Brian from Pittsburgh10:09 AM

    This post still counts Sully! If they lose tomorrow night it's on your head!

    Also, if we are 5 games under .500 to end the year it will be because of your posts, not the fact the they rank near the bottom in almost every offensive category.

    Again, love the site!