Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Meanwhile... back at the actual pennant race

Man oh man I will TAKE IT!

J. D. Drew getting key hits and taking away doubles with his defense?
Manny Ramirez beating out throws to first?
Coco Crisp playing wall ball?
Craig Hansen getting key outs?
Another nice start from Justin Masterson?

Is this the new look of the Defending Champs?
Now if Javier Lopez could throw a strike it would feel like bizarro world... but that would be greedy.

I love taking game one of a big series (and make no mistake, Red Sox fans... this is a big series)

I especially love taking game one of a big series when Josh Beckett is pitching game two.

Let's see some more surprises tonight.
How about Julio Lugo hitting for the cycle and not making me nervous with his defense?

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