Monday, June 09, 2008

The Yankees are making the 2008 playoffs

I'm not saying I WANT them to.
But the last few games showed they will win games the way they did in 2005.

They'll get lousy starts but the offense will wait out the starting pitcher and they'll beat up the middle relief and closers of teams like Kansas City.

Then there will be 9th inning drama which will make Michael Kay lose his voice.

Then people will forget all about being sub .500 in June and they will win around 92 games and win the Wild Card.

Then they will face a team like the Angels and discover they can't just bludgeon a team with good pitching.

When the Angels win the series, Jeter will have that 1,000 yard stare and a couple of other players will stand next to him looking sad making sure that the fan base knows that THEY care.

Jeter will say in post game interviews "We lost our way" and insinuate he wishes that O'Neill, Brosius and David Cone were back.

Sports writers will write "the Yankees had bigger stars but the Angels were the better TEAM" and stress that the Yankees get younger.

The fans will then demand the Yankees spend MORE money.

There, I just saved every Yankee fan the trouble of watching this season.

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