Thursday, June 12, 2008

We interrupt the baseball discussion to talk Celtics


I am in Los Angeles now.
I am in enemy territory.

Then again I was in New York during the 2004 ALCS so maybe there is something to being on unfriendly soil during my teams unlikely wins.

I was at work last night and I clicked on the Yahoo ticker and I saw the Celtics were down by something like 24 points in the first quarter and I thought "Yeeesh. Better concentrate on work!"

I threw my token "Don't worry" to pessimist Celtic fans Dan Cronin and Michael Bernard all the while thinking "Well, maybe we'll win game 5."

I finished work and it was already the 3rd quarter and the Celtics were still getting walloped.

I drove to the gym I go to in Sherman Oaks and I didn't even put the game on. I don't need to hear the home announcers going nuts and heaping more praise on Kobe.

Now the gym I go to is in a mall in Sherman Oaks and is the Magic Johnson Gym. Ther is something odd about a Celtics fan watching a Celtics/Lakers final in an establishment run by Magic Johnson.

Needless to say all of the TVs were on the game. I checked in, looked up to see how badly the Celtics were getting creamed.

The game was tied.
Somewhere in the 10 minute drive from my office to the gym the Celtics went on a run. And now it was a game.

I didn't want to take my eyes off the tv and I weighed the pros and cons of getting dressed right there in the lobby. I could look around and say "Hey folks, I'm going to be naked for a second. Hope that is cool."

Changed I got on a treadmill. I figured with my heart already racing, it is better to watch the game while running and burning calories instead of going to and being tempted by nachos or a lobster roll.

So I watched the last quarter running 6.5 miles per hour with my heart in my throat... all the while trying hard not to cheer too loudly.

I was indeed in Magic's gym.

When Ray Allen did that layup past Vujacic, I couldn't resist a yelp.I didn't care if Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis and Mychal Thompson were standing behind me.

The drive back I got to hear all of the Laker fans calling into the local show much like I heard the stunned in denial Yankee fans in 2004.

I don't think it reflects on me well that I get a perverse pleasure out of that.

I called my friend and current Santa Monica resident Kenny Mack, who I went to Weston Middle School with, to gloat.

He said he wanted to take a victory lap for both the Celtics and Obama.
I warned him... neither the Celtics nor Obama have won yet.

And let me tell you something else... the Lakers and John McCain... neither are the Colorado Rockies. Both have a shot to win.

So my Celtic fans friends out there, I don't want to hear ANYTHING about "I want to win it in Boston."

NO! I want to win THIS SUNDAY!!!!
I want to win in front of Jack!
I want Kobe to do his Jeter 1,000 yard "I thought I was going to win so many more titles" stare.
I want Phil to say "F this, I'm out."

I want a stunned silent Staples Office Supply Center.
I do not want this sleeping giant getting up!

And if Kobe's press conference was any indication, the Giant might have a hangover.
OK, back to baseball.

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