Friday, January 15, 2010

Did Adam LaRoche and Casey Kotchman REALLY play for the Red Sox last year?

I see the pictures of them... and I have some hazy recollections of it...

But I could have dreamed the whole thing.

It DID happen, right?

I wonder if they savored their memories of their completely inconsequential tenures in Boston.

I wonder if anyone bought a LaRoche jersey.

If you bought a LaRoche or a Kotchman jersey, send me a picture of it at

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  1. Adam LaRoche was there for what, a week? Not even he had an Adam LaRoche jersey. I think he was wearing a leftover Sean Casey jersey.

  2. they sure did, and I think they will have better stats then Beltre will

  3. Alright Mummbles... let's make a wager