Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

And it is the beginning of a new decade of baseball and for Sully Baseball.

And please spare me any nonsense that this ISN'T a new decade. It is. The numbers turned over in the "Tens" column. That's how you know it is a new decade.

When the numbers turn over in the "Hundreds" column it is a new century.

When they turn over in the "Thousands" column it is a new millennium.

I had to hear all of that silliness that the year 2000 wasn't the start of a new millennium and I am not about to listen to it again.

Yeah I know the argument. There was no "Year Zero", so the first decade AD ended at AD 10... but I'm still not buying it.

How do we know there wasn't a "Year Zero?"

Some Monk named Dionysius Exiguus figured out when Christ was born. But here's the thing... there isn't a historian or even a religious figure that you will ever meet who thinks he was right. He was off by at least 3 years. Maybe even more.

So we are going to be a stickler for accuracy based on the mathematics of someone who got the math wrong?

That's insane.

I remember getting into an argument with someone over this at the turn of the millenium (which took place on January 1, 2000... when ALL the numbers changed.)

I asked my friend (who is educated and smart on most matters) "Do you consider 1990 to be part of the 1980s? Was 1980 part of the 1970s?"

He answered yes to both... which of course is "smearing fecal matter on the wall" level nuts.

I now declare there WAS a "Year Zero."
It was an uneventful year. Nothing worth remembering.

And it was a good 1,846 years before the first recorded baseball game was played... so it's not worth looking up any stats from then.

It's a new decade.
And for Dionysius Exiguus' sake let's move on from his little mistake.

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