Friday, January 22, 2010

What exactly is the Mets plan?

The Mets acquired Gary Matthews Jr from the Angels… and the Angels are paying 20 some odd million to go away.

Call me a cynic, but when a smart organization like the Angels forks over twenty million pigs to have someone off their team, then I don’t want them on my team.

There is a REASON they are doing it.

But the Mets say “Welcome to Flushing!” because, after Bengie Molina and Joel Pineiro said “Thanks but no thanks” it’s just nice to see ANYONE show up at CitiField.

So this grotesque off season continues for the Mets.

A team that has broken down the past few years with major injuries has decided the best way to deal with health problems is bringing in people like 33 year old Kelvim Escobar (he of 1 game over 2 years) Jason Bay (he with the shoulder and knee issues) and now 34 year old Gary Matthews Jr… a guy who for the first 7 years of his career played for 7 different teams (including 2 games with the 2002 Mets) and was the definition of mediocre.

Then he suddenly became an All Star in Texas where he turned that into a 5 year $50 million contract… and was of course linked to HGH.

The Angels got him where he was so bad that they needed to sign Torii Hunter to a contract to replace him with 4 years remaining on the deal.

That’s right, the Mets acquired a guy who has had 10 forgettable season and 1 terrific season linked to juicing.

And he’s in his mid 30s and prone to injury.

I bet the Angels are THRILLED to get him out of their clubhouse.

A week ago I said the Mets needed to blow the team up RIGHT NOW.

Not only do I feel it now more than ever, but I think this Mets team is heading towards a 1993 level disaster.

Lest we forget this wasn’t a pennant contender last year. This was a 92 loss team that is getting older, more injury prone and more contentious.

100 losses is not out of the question for this team.
If you are going to hit rock bottom, why not do it with a young team.

Instead they are going to do it with Gary Matthews Jr… and they may find out why it was worth $21.5 million to get rid of him.

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