Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey McGwire… maybe today isn’t the day you call someone DISHONEST

I turned Mark McGwire’s bogus apology off before I realize that he DID address Canseco… the very person he should be giving a teary apology too.

Costas asked him about the injecting in the bathroom and he brushes it off as “There's absolutely no truth to that whatsoever.”

OK, let me get this straight… the only thing we know is that McGwire has been lying for at least a dozen years and EVERYTHING Canseco has said has come true.

Gee whiz, I wonder who is telling the truth.

OK, enough of this crap.

Back to baseball.

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  1. 89 world series win should be taken away i say!

  2. Good article Sully, I added you to my blogroll too, you're pretty up to date with your articles dude.

  3. Dude... does it matter where he took the steroids? No. It does not. Who cares... bathroom, his room, Mummbles mom's room....

    It took a long time, yes... but give McGwire credit for finally saying something.

  4. The time to say something was in Congress when he could have helped 'roids research and not be a coward until he signed on to coach.

    Now he can't just hide in Orange County anymore.

    I am just pissed that he is still saying the same bullshit (it wasn't cheating, it doesn't help, Canseco is a liar)

    Why bother with the fake apology?
    F--- him.