Monday, January 18, 2010

Cardinals hitting coach Mark McGwire gives Colby Rasmus some solid advice

Hmmm... these biceps seem a little small.

I have just the thing for it... Just tell people it is andro.

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  1. I remember going to a Cardinal game in 1982, Willie McGee's rookie year. Willie had already captured the hearts of Cardinal fans. I was sitting in left field where I could see directly into the Cardinal first base dugout and my 18 year old self was horrified to look in and see young, impressionable Willie McGee hanging out with Lonnie Smith. I know now that Lonnie turned out to be a good guy, but at that time his reputation was besmirched by a drug problem. I remember thinking, "No, Willie, NO!!"

    So I look at this photo, after watching Rasmus in 2007 in AA ball thinking, "No, Colby, NO!!!!!!"