Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fantasy Owners... buy Chien-Ming Wang

I don't do Fantasy Baseball anymore. It is too time consuming and I am going to be spending lots of time on the internet looking up baseball things, it will be for my latest 25 man roster.

But I do offer this tip... buy Wang!

Chad Jennings at the LoHud Yankees Blog writes that the Cardinals are kicking the tires on Chien-Ming Wang.

Chad has no reason to lie to us.

This is great news for Cardinals fans. Wang is obviously talented and he's had a downfall for two seasons because of injury.

Enter pitching coach Dave Duncan.

Dave Duncan is a miracle worker. She is the Annie Sullivan to scores of Helen Kellers.

Joel Pinero? Chris Carpenter? Ryan Franklin? Kyle Loshe?
All turned things around under Duncan and that's just off the top of my head.

Wang will be cheap... and he'll win 15 games with an ERA under 3.50. You heard it here first.

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