Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bengie Molina is no dummy

Molina resigned with the Giants today and just about every report calls the move a surprise.

He's been negotiating with the Mets for what seems like all off season and his going to Queens seemed like a mere formality.

Instead he is heading back to China Basin for another year in Black and Orange.

Why is this a surprise?

If he were going to spend the year in a pitchers ballpark for a team in transition, why not go to the team whose front office ISN'T in turmoil?

Why not go to the team that ISN'T fighting with its star centerfielder over surgery?

Why not go to the team whose owner DIDN'T lose tons of money with Bernie Madoff?

Why not stay with the team whose geographical rival ISN'T the World Champions but instead is a team that plays in a football stadium and doesn't even broadcast all of their games?

Why not go to the team whose assistant GM ISN'T ripping his shirt off and picking fights with minor leaguers?

Why not go to the team that ISN'T playing in the same division as the two time defending National League Champs?

Why not go to the team that DOES have the 2 time defending Cy Young winner? His pot fine is paid. All is good.

In the end, staying with the Giants shouldn't have been a surprise at all.

Bengie Molina is no dummy. He knows the Mets are falling apart.

Maybe he read my post about the Mets needing to dismantle the team and decided to stay by the Bay.

Oh let me think that.

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  1. Even last year, his best offensive season yet, he always said he was a number six hitter, not a cleanup hitter. He left a team where he had to be the big bat and signed with a team where he could be that number 6 hitter. It just happened to be the same team.

  2. Good points...

    oh, and maybe the A's read your past blog because now all but maybe 8 games are on television. (those 8 games are either weekday day games or games restricted to show by Fox's Saturday Baseball contract