Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barry Bonds shows that I shouldn't write blog posts in advance

I had a blog post written for when Bonds was totally acquitted on all charges ready to post the second it was announced.


OK, it's not like the Government's case was any good and they got him on obstruction of justice. (Sadly not obstruction of David Justice who scored the tying run on Francisco Cabrera's hit.)

This was the least satisfying ending to this trial. They found the one verdict that satisfied nobody. Is Bonds guilty? Yup. Will be get in trouble? Yup.

So Bonds apologists can't say "He was never found guilty."

But Bonds opponents won't be able to say "See! He DID take 'roids! They proved in a court of law."

What we've got is a whole lot of nothing and no conclusion and the promise that the steroids discussion will keep going on forever.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know. He wasn't on trial for taking roids. He was on trail for LYING about taking roids and perjury.

But if you will excuse me, I am going to pick apart that unreleased blog post and see what part of it I can still use.

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1 comment:

  1. I think, simply stated, the jury was a bit confused. All in all, a complete waste of time and money. Barry Bonds is a complete tool, always will be, but the government pretty much bested him in the tool department this time. All this over 'roids and a ballgame, and yet none of the financial masters who destroyed the economy can be bothered. Nice country.