Thursday, April 07, 2011

Can the Pirates go 78-78 the rest of the way?

The Pirates NEED to get a winning season one of these years. They went the entire 2000s without as much as a .500 season. It's been documented ad nauseum that they haven't been a .500 team since Francisco Cabrera drove home David Justice and Sid Bream.

And until the Pirates win more than they lose in a season, it will be mentioned. It is the yoke on the team. None of the players were ON that team. I bet they are too young to even remember it. But they are shouldering the burden the same way that every Red Sox team from 1919 to 2003 carried the responsibility of not winning a World Series for the Red Sox until the Idiots took care of business.

Well as I type this, the Pirates are off to a better start than anyone would have predicted. They aren't off to an epic start, but 4-2 isn't bad. (That's 4 more wins than my Red Sox have!)

So why can't they go 78-78 the rest of the way? I am not talking about winning 90 games or making the playoffs. Just go .500 the rest of the season.

The Pirates play the Astros, the Cubs and the Cardinals a lot... and all three of those teams are either depleted with injuries or just not that good. They play the Mets, Nationals and Diamondbacks... and none of those teams are world beaters. They play the Indians and Orioles in Interleague Play.

Why can't they look to beat some of those teams?
Why can't they play good baseball against some bad teams and pile up some wins and try to hang in with the good clubs?

It would be the first step for a once proud franchise.
Do you want people to stop reminding you the team hasn't had a winning season since 1992?
Have a winning season!

Go 78-78 the rest of the way.
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