Friday, April 15, 2011

Why I am not worried yet about the Red Sox.

Oh I am not saying I am happy with this start. It is embarrassing. At this point in the season winning only 2 series would be lousy.

They've won only 2 games.

That is pathetic. The Red Sox are the worst team in baseball. They are 10% of the way to a 100 loss season. They look dead from the neck up. They give away games like tonight. It's their worst start EVER.

And yet I am not worried yet.

Partially because I am not because there are 150 games left. The Sox are only 8% of the way through the season.

And partially because no AL East team is running away from it. The Yankees and Blue Jays are barely over .500. The Orioles are at dead even and the Rays have 8 losses of their own.

Sure 10 losses stink but they only have to make up 5 games... over 5 1/2 months.
That is doable. I will take one modest winning streak to make the Sox within just a game or two from the leader.

So calm down.

Let's update the tally.


April 8 - 9-6 win against the Yankees. (The Sox end their 6 game losing streak with a slugfest. John Lackey stinks but Phil Hughes stinks even more.)
April 10 - 4-0 win against the Yankees. (Beckett and Sabathia duel in a game that was 1-0 until the late innings.)


April 1 - 9-5 loss in Texas. (The Sox tie Opening Day in the 8th with an Ortiz homer only to have Bard implode and the Sox let up 4 in the bottom of the 8th.)
April 5 - 3-1 loss in Cleveland. (The Sox drop their 4th straight as the bats are dead in Cleveland.)
April 7 - 1-0 loss in Cleveland. (Sox blow a great Lester performance on a squeeze bunt and Darnell McDonald overrunning the bag to end the game.)
April 12 - 3-2 loss to Tampa Bay. (A solid Lester performance is wasted as Kyle Farnsworth of all people shuts down the Sox.)
April 15 - 7-6 loss to Toronto. (Bobby Jenks implodes with a 4 run seventh inning as the Red Sox waste Pedroia and Youkilis homers and a clutch RBI double by Scuatro.

Down to -3.

With only 92% of the season left... CAN THE RED SOX DO IT?

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