Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grady is the caretaker

I picked Grady Sizemore to be the AL Comeback Player of the Year in my preseason predictions and so far that is looking pretty solid.

But I am officially intrigued by this Indians team. First of all they are in first place with an eye popping 12-4 record.

Secondly they have come into the home park of another surprising team, the Royals, and won a solid extra inning affair to make it 4 in a row.

What if...?
Could they...?
Is Grady Sizemore the spark this team needs?

Yeah it is early, but we all kept saying "It's early" with the 2006 Tigers and the 2008 Rays until they were in the World Series!

I am just glad they are playing fewer and fewer games with the Chief Wahoo hats.
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