Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Did anything GOOD happen tonght?

OK, the Red Sox are 0-4. You really can't do worse than that over 4 games. And oddly, Carl Crawford has hit in 5 different spots in the lineup. I could be wrong about that, but I don't think I am.

So, not to pull a "Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln how did you like the play?" but can we take anything positive from this?

Well, Beckett pitched OK. Not great, but you can totally pin this loss on him.
The bullpen looked good.
Saltalamacchia drove in a 2 out run.

Hey! Those are all cool.

And while a lot of people are bringing up the fact that no team has ever started the season 0-4 and gone on to win the World Series, I will point out that no team ever was down 0-3 in a best of 7 baseball series and wound up winning it.

There are 158 games to go and it takes one winning streak to make that all work out. Plus the Rays are 0-4 and the Yankees blew a late lead last night, so it is not like they are in an insurmountable situation. It isn't even MID April.

Maybe the Red Sox should play ONE home game before we panic.
And remember, over their first 5 games, the 1998 Yankees were 1-4. They finished OK.

So relax.
But I will update the tally.



April 1 - 9-5 loss in Texas. (The Sox tie Opening Day in the 8th with an Ortiz homer only to have Bard implode and the Sox let up 4 in the bottom of the 8th.)
April 5 - 3-1 loss in Cleveland. (The Sox drop their 4th straight as the bats are dead in Cleveland.)

OK, -2 so far.
Let's rattle off 4 in a row and put this in the rear view mirror.

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