Friday, April 29, 2011

I am NOT going to make fun of people watching the Royal Wedding

When I heard there was a Royal wedding, I thought "Does it involve George Brett? U. L. Washington? Pete LaCock?"

The I realized it was Royal as in "someday king of England" royal.

I couldn't possibly care less about this wedding in England today.
It's not for me.

Two 20 somethings are getting married. Both will spend the rest of their lives waving and not paying taxes.

If you ARE caught up in it, I won't make fun of you. It's easy to act too cool for school and laugh at people who are crying over the wedded bliss of a gold digger and the dauphin's dauphin.

But guess what? We ALL get caught up in something that other people roll their eyes at and say "Who cares?"

Oh you can claim that all you do is work, charity, family work and catching up on classic literature, but EVERYONE has that obsessive vice.

It could be a show.
While you are talking excitedly about the latest episode of Glee, or Mad Men, or The Wire or Breaking Bad or True Blood or American Idol or Top Chef or Survivor or whatever your show is, there is someone who is thinking "Oh why are you wasting time watching that?"

It could be movies.
If you are a film buff talking about classic or cult films or a movie lover who ran out to see the latest new release, someone is shrugging saying "that doesn't interest me at all."

Maybe it is music.
You know how interesting you find that latest band or some deep track? Well you sound like Charlie Brown's teacher talking to some of us.

Maybe it's art. Maybe it is politics. Maybe it is religion. Maybe it is your latest hiking expedition.
They mean everything to you but to some other people they think "Borrrrring."

I obsess over the Oscars and I have so many friends think "Why? They are lame."
But I do anyway.

And oh yeah. I write 2 or 3 times a day on this blog about baseball.

I can make fun of people crying over this wedding and act like I am above it all. But I bet most of the people watching the wedding with a box of Kleenex in their hands don't care about Daisuke Matsuzaka's start against Seattle tonight at Fenway.

So I won't throw stones.
Good luck William and Kate. You look like a cute couple.
And I assume you read this blog.


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  1. So your message to the Dauphin is: "Scorn and defiance; slight regard; contempt"?

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I do not believe I shall ever tire of seeing Kate Middleton's face all over the Internet and TV. It's just too gorgeous.

  3. Love it. Well played, my friend.

  4. An Indian Wedding is better right now anyway