Friday, April 08, 2011


Well it looks like Manny Ramirez used some fertility pills again.
Evidently he was going to be asked to take part in some drug program for baseball and he said "Check please!"

So he quit.
Manny was Manny to the end.

He retired after 5 games with Tampa.

He hit his final home run last September 17th against Max Scherzer.
He was a member of the White Sox.

Now let the Hall of Fame debate begin.

Thanks for the memories Manny... good and bad. Baseball was a little more insane with you playing.
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  1. Time for the Rays to get Dye out of retirement.

  2. i'd vote for manny!!!
    he was one of my faves. i like the guys who speak their mind in this era of boring corporate followers.

    maybe one day he and i will smoke a joint together inside the green monster.

  3. no debate, he will not make it

  4. I'm gonna miss that nut job. What a swing. What a character. What a shame...