Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dodger security = going on a diet

In the wake of the Bryan Stow tragedy, the Dodgers are pulling out all of the stops. They had a bad ass press conference at Chavez Ravine, brought out a legion of cop cars and the police, led by Chief Charlie Beck, promised "a sea of blue... not Dodger blue."

There will be added police protection. The poorly lit parts of the parking lot will be lit.
There will be no tolerance for punks, agreeing with the sentiments of my video.

A new leaf has been turned over. And the police have assured us that this security will be in place until the end of the series.

(Record scratch.)

Wait what? The SEASON, right? Not the series with the Cardinals.

Until the end of the Cardinals series, and then they will evaluate what they need to do.

Um... didn't they just do that? They need increased security, light the dark areas of the parking lot and throw out people who cause trouble.

There, I just did your evaluation. Do what you are doing.

The problem isn't a Cardinals series. (Are there a lot of rowdy Missourians showing up to Los Angeles?) It is the drunk punks who make the experience unpleasant for so many people. So make it a place where they can NOT be drunk punks and people can feel good about going there with their families.

So what is really going on here?

I'll tell you. The Dodgers are going on a diet.

Trust me, I know about diets. I've been struggling with my weight since I was a zygote. I've lost weight. I've put it back on. And when I make the vow to lose weight, I make a big show of it. I avoid bread. I eat my fruit. I work out hard.

I drop pounds. I feel good. I listen to the Rocky soundtrack.

Then I sneak a cookie.
Then I have something I should have for dinner. "I've been good."

Then I have a sandwich.

Then I sneak something at the Supermarket sample tray.

Then I say "Why yes, I will have that brownie deep fried!"

Next thing you know I've put on more weight than when the diet began.

My "After" picture looks worse than my "Before" picture.

It is easy to put on a good show when you start. The person trying to kick smoking, doing drugs or internet porn is going to look really good at first.

It is the weeks and months afterward that are hard. And it makes me wonder what are the Dodgers really doing here?

Something Police Chief Charlie Beck said caught my ear.

"The reality is that Dodger Stadium is safer. But that is not the perception. So we are going to make the perception match the reality."


Did you catch that? It is a PERCEPTION that Dodger Stadium is not safe, so let's change the perception.

Let's not change the reality. Make it SEEM safer. Put on a show. The attention is on the Dodgers and they need to create the perception that it is safer. And soon there will be a new story to distract everyone... and like me sneaking a cookie, it will be back to the way it was.

And yet there will be the image of Charlie Beck talking tough.
The show will be made... and the Dodgers wouldn't have to spend money on security.

This is crap.

The Dodgers are a big market club. They can afford to throw millions at players. Do the same for the experience of going to Dodger Stadium. And not for one series and not noodle around in a committee. You think you are in a bad financial position now? Wait until families stop showing up.

MLB, let's cut to the chase and take control of this team from the McCourts before this fiasco continues. One of the flagship franchises in the game is being run into the ground with no regard for the product they put on the field nor the safety of their fans.

And that is MY perception.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to avoid this cookie.

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