Thursday, April 07, 2011

As usual, Bonds takes the walk

The Government is no different than any pitcher who face Barry Bonds from 2000 to 2007. They just let him walk. It's not quite an intentional walk, but they clearly didn't pitch to him.

Bonds' camp didn't even produce one witness. Why bother? I wasn't in the court room and my entire knowledge of the law is watching Jack McCoy kick ass. But when the defense doesn't call a witness, isn't that the same as Barry Bonds taking off his elbow guards while watching the pitcher intentionally throw ball 3 and ball 4? Isn't that basically Bonds saying "That's all you got?"

We know part of the case was already dismissed.
Bonds isn't as bullheaded as Clemens and he doesn't have the guilt of Giambi and isn't as image obsessed as A-Rod and isn't as stupid as Palmeiro.

He's going to beat the case.
He's going to walk.

Take your base.
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