Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Sully Baseball Video "Loyal to a Fault"

I am a native of the Northeast who now lives in California. I have no intention of leaving California or ever living in New England again, yet I will never drop the Red Sox as my team.

In the last Sully Baseball video, I look at the strange phenomenon of Northeasterners who just can't drop their team and how a city like Los Angeles can enable us fans with illogical loyalty.

My amazing wife Lisa co wrote the script, shot it and worked with me in the editing.

We shot outside of Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica. The management and staff were wonderfully cooperative to us.

Enjoy the video.

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  1. Same stuff happens in Atlanta, DC, MIami, Tampa, Charlotte, and most of the other "new" big cities. The north east and mid west fans move there, because it's warm and there are jobs, and they keep pulling for their old teams. It's frustrating as a Braves fan because most of our fan base is probably outside of Atlanta in the surrounding southern states.

  2. Yeah red sox are the best, i always like them a lot, i born in spain and was just enough for me watch a game of them once to came a live in the Us just for watch the games with this happy people.