Friday, April 22, 2011

This "Being Controled By MLB" thing works for the Dodgers

The Dodgers were absolutely reeling. They went on a 5 game losing streak. (Only Tony LaRussa's inexplicable decision to pitch to Matt Kemp on Sunday afternoon kept it from being a 6 game losing streak.)

They were beaten soundly on Tuesday 10-1 by Atlanta.
Then on Wednesday, Bud Selig and company took over the team, shocked that Frank McCourt couldn't keep the team afloat financially. (Never mind the fact that Selig KNEW he didn't have the cash to keep the team afloat. Let's not let facts sneak into this.)

Since MLB took over the team?
They beat the Braves 6-1 on Wednesday.
They won with another Matt Kemp walk off shot yesterday.

And today they went to Wrigley and clobbered the Cubs 12-2.

The Dodgers are now above .500.
They are 3-0 after the take over.

Maybe Dodger fans shouldn't be so quick to see a new owner!

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1 comment:

  1. It is such BS. No coincidence that BS are the initials for Bud Selig. I hate how they are talking about expanding replay (hate it) and expanding the playoffs (not a fan of the idea) - but you got a team here without an owner. Am I to expect a Dodgers - Brewers World Series now? Would Mr. BS just hand the World Series trophy to himself?

    MLB needs the get their priorities straight. It does not surprise me at all that it is a team on the West Coast. Can you imagine if it is was the Red Sox in the Dodgers shoes? They would never let that happen!