Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yes. An April Twins/Indians Series is BIG!

It seems counter intuitive to call any series in April big. The Indians will have 144 games left after today and the Twins have lots of time to recover from their injuries.

But I will argue this is a big series for both teams.
Cleveland is off to a hot start. Is this an April fluke, like the Royals in 2009? Remember how the Royals were in first place in Mid May? You probably don't. They finished the season with 97 losses.

Or is this a team like the 2008 Rays, whom EVERYONE thought was a fluke until they won the American League pennant!

If the Indians keep winning, they might lean more towards the Rays than the Royals. And winning games against the Twins, the team many people picked to win the Division, goes a long way. These are the head to head games that actually DO matter more in the standings.

They improve the Indians and keep the Twins down.
And if the teams are tied and need a one game playoff, the head to head match up would determine home field advantage.

The Twins need to dust themselves off and take out the upstart Tribe and right their ship.

If these teams are going neck and neck throughout the year, the team that lost this series will look back and think "Man, why didn't we win in April?"

Big series.

Watch it, Twins and Indians fans.

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