Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's see some good crowds in Cleveland this week

OK. I realize that it is a mid week series in April against Kansas City, so I understand if it isn't standing room only at The Jake. (Sorry Progressive... it's the Jake.)

But there SHOULD be some buzz and excitement in Cleveland this week.
The three game losing streak means they are no longer the best team in the American League (the defending AL Champion Rangers have that honor.)

They ARE still on top of the AL Central, and the Royals are still in second. Last week the two teams met up for a thrilling 4 game set. And on Tuesday, Justin Masterson is taking his 4-0 record to the hill.

Embrace this team! Who knows what they will do this year? And in a way, that doesn't matter. In April they are playing an exciting brand of baseball and are giving Cleveland fans a little bit of hope.

They very well might not be contending in August or September and the games will be dull "playing out the string" affairs.

Wouldn't it be more fun to see them play when you can say "Who knows? Maybe they CAN do something!"?

Get on the bandwagon NOW!
The best case scenario is you are rooting for the team than finally delivers a title to Cleveland.

The worst case scenario? You see a fun baseball game.

Sounds pretty good to me.
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