Friday, April 29, 2011

A few facts about the Indians

No matter what happens the next two days, the Indians will finish April in first place in the American League Central.

Today, the Indians were the only AL Central team to win. The stumbling Twins got blown out TWICE today and the Tigers couldn't beat the Mariners at home. The White Sox lost to the Yankees and the Royals lost to the Tribe.

The Indians are currently the best team in the American League and the worst they can finish the month is tied for second best in the American League.

They have the biggest lead of any current division leader. (4 1/2 games. 5 in the loss column.)

They are an exciting brand of baseball with good pitching, clutch homers and deep bench.

They are having trouble selling tickets.

Turn this around, Indians fans. The Tribe is 1/6 of the way there. Yeah there still is a lot of season to be played, but you can't ask for a better START than this!

Who knows? If the gap continues to widen and the rest of the division can't get out of their own way, there might me something to cheer for.

The facts are undeniable.

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