Monday, April 11, 2011

Wait a second... The Indians have won 8 in a row?

Suddenly the Red Sox being swept by Cleveland isn't so humiliating.
In fact when you consider the fact that the Rangers are 9-1 and the Indians are 8-2, maybe the Sox just ran smack dab into two hot teams to start the year.

Texas you can understand. They are the defending A.L. Champs and have a fine team.
But the Indians?

Yeah this could be a classic "team has its hot month in April and has the illusion that they are contenders."

But maybe not.

Remember how Tampa Bay got off to a better than expected start and were in first place by late April of 2008? Do you know who thought that was a fluke? The population of the Planet Earth.

Remember how the Tigers jumped out to a 5-0 start in 2006? Do you know who dismissed them as a fast start that would fade? Everyone who would eventually not take Tampa seriously.

Both teams made the World Series.
And while the Twins and my pick of the White Sox will probably wind up winning the division, there always seems to be a surprise team every year.

Why not Cleveland? This winning streak has included wins against three teams that I picked to go to the postseason: The White Sox, Red Sox and Angels.

Plus they acquired Orlando Cabrera, who had played in 6 of the last 7 post seasons. He has made the playoffs each of the last 4 seasons but with a different team each year. Why not 5 for 5?

I am not saying the Indians ARE going to contend. They could drop like a rock. But what if the Twins do indeed take a step back? And the White Sox veterans don't click? And the Tigers can't get their act together? And the Royals don't have the goods?

That would leave Cleveland.

The Cabreras up the middle (Orlando and Asdrubal) look solid and Travis Hafner seems to have found his stroke again. If Shin Soo Choo can start hitting and Grady Sizemore can come back... and Josh Tomlin and Justin Masterson and Mitch Talbot continue their nice start... and the combination of Chris Perez, Tony Sipp, Chad Durbin and Rafael Perez make for a good bullpen...

Dare to dream.
If nothing else, it will distract the people of Cleveland from the Miami Heat playoff series.

Wouldn't that be a wonderful way for it to finally happen in Cleveland? A team catching the city and everyone else off guard.

Just do something about the hats.

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  1. I find it incredible as well. Red Sox really do suck this season, but then again, it's only April, so things might change for the better.. but honestly I don't see that coming

  2. There is a connection to Charlie Sheen...maybe?