Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I still expect to see Pete Incaviglia's name in the box score

I did it again today.

I saw the Rangers and Tigers played this afternoon. And I read over the accounts of the game thinking "Did Pete get in?"

He hasn't played since 1998 when he was with the Astros. And he's bounced around the minors and independent leagues as a coach and manager.

But he seemed to be around forever, never quite being the awesome MVP candidate that everyone projected he'd be in college. But all the while played 12 seasons in the bigs, hit 206 homers, watched Joe Carter's World Series winning homer sail over his head and finished his career in the 1998 Division Series as a member of the Astros.

And while he only hit 30 homers once in his career, he seemed like one of those bad ass big slugger who was one swing away from making you pay.

For whatever reason, I still expect to see him in the game.

Nope. No Pete Incaviglia today.
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  1. Still miss Inky. I remember when the team had a section in the old Arlington Stadium for his fan club.

  2. My first ever visit to Fenway, I caught a ball that Geno Petralli hit into the right field bleachers in batting practice, then got Pete Incaviglia to sign it.