Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You are never going to get a better chance!
The Dodgers are a mess... they have gone from one of the classy and glamorous franchises to a team that needs to be bailed out.

So come on. There MUST be a billionaire in Brooklyn who can bring them back!

Hey, that whole "Bring the Nets to Brooklyn" thing isn't happening anytime soon. So come on! Have them play in MCU Park and put in some temporary seats.

L.A. stole the Raiders and lost them.
Have them lose the Dodgers as well!

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  1. No chance, Sully. We went through this when Peter O'Malley put the Dodgers up for sale, and every other time they might have been bought as well.

    MLB (as well as the Mets and Yankees) won't permit three teams in the NY area, and leave no current team in LA. (Angels are Anaheim and not LA, as everyone but Arte Moreno knows.)

    The Brooklyn Dodgers are gone forever, and aren't ever coming back. (And I'm a descendant of Brooklyn Dodger fans, and a native Brooklynite.)

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  3. how 'bout giving up the Brooklyn dream, but just changing the team name back to Bridegrooms?

  4. wow your all sad brooklyn should have the dodgers back it would do more for new york than it would la and people would actually have sold out crowds also when the dodgers were originally in brooklyn the city of new york had 3 baseball teams the dodgers the yankess and the giants, so there is no reason that the dodgers shouldnt come back to new york especially to replace the sad excuse that is the mets!

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