Monday, April 18, 2011

It looks like the Rockies hired a hypnotist for 2011

The Rockies have some good hitters, a pair of MVP candidates and a solid team. They were picked to win the NL West by a lot of people. And frankly, I would have picked them as well if I knew that they also hired a hypnotist for the season.

It's the only explanation for their April.

The hypnotist has convinced the entire team that it is September.
The Rockies are the TEAM of September. Last September they went on a 10 game winning streak that brought them back into contention. It didn't work (they had a bad last 2 weeks.)

But in 2009 they won 10 of 11 in a stretch in September and then went on a 5 game winning streak at the end of the season to clinch a playoff spot.

And of course in 2007 they won 14 of their last 15 games (including 11 in a row) to force a one game playoff with San Diego. They won that, swept the Phillies in the Division Series and the Diamondbacks in the NLCS to make their run 22 out of 23 before getting swept in the World Series.

In short September is the month where the Rockies make their presence known to the world.
But this April, the Rockies are world beaters.

They are a big league best 12-3. And 2 of those 3 losses were in extra innings, so a bounce here and there and they'd be 14-1!

The only explanation is they've been hypnotized by someone saying "It is September.... It is September... time is running out... time to save the Rockies season..."

If that is the case, they might keep up this .800 pace all year!
They have an outside chance at 130 wins if they do.

Take a look at them the next time they play. If there is someone moving a watch like a pendulum in the dugout, then this April makes sense.

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