Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is why baseball is the greatest sport of them all…
The Brewers has an emotional walk off home run on Tuesday that saved their season and followed it up a CC Sabathia win on short rest on Wednesday that tied them for a playoff spot only days after being left for dead.

Guess what? You’ve got to play again today.

Hey Mets!
You played a gut wrenching extra inning game last night where you had more chances than Colin Farrell? Have f un tonight!

This is the most magical part of the baseball regular season.
Checking the scoreboards for other teams.

Who knew everyone in Shea Stadium would be so interested in a Pirates Brewers game?

It’s a 4 game season now.
Play your best over 4 seasons and a season filled with ups and downs, September flops and stunning managerial firings will be erased with a trip to the playoffs.

4 games…
Doesn’t seem like a lot does it?
Because it’s not!

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