Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Braves... bring Yost back

So Ned Yost is out of work and Dale Sveum, a man who was hated as a third base coach, is clearly not the answer for the Hindenberg that is the Milwaukee Brewers.

You got your wish, Fire Ned Yost... sends you directly to Brewers Mix.

It's clear the Brewers are a mess and praying that the Mets fold worse than they do... but what about Yost?

What should happen to him?
As he's sitting at home, checking Craigslist for job openings, I think there's only one place for him to go.

Back to Atlanta.
It makes all the sense in the world and its a natural fit.

He's respected in Atlanta by both the organization and what players that are left that he coached.

He was part of Bobby Cox's coaching staff for 11 division winners, 5 pennant winners and the 1995 World Series Champs.

And how much longer is Bobby Cox going to be manager?
At one point he is going to step down. Bobby Cox took over as GM 22 years ago and has been manager of the Braves for the past 18 seasons.

As the GM he drafted David Justice and Chipper Jones, developed Tommy Glavine and Steve Avery and traded for John Smoltz... then took over as manager in time to turn the former laughing stock of cable TV into a powerhouse.

The run is now over... it ended when Joey Devine served up a home run pitch to Chris Burke in the 18th inning of that amazing 2005 Division Series Game 4.

Bobby Cox has nothing to prove.
He's a Hall of Famer, at least according to me.

But he's also 67 years old and the team needs to go on a big rebuilding process... and this time they won't have Ted Turner's deep pockets.

Maybe they can orchestrate a graceful exit.
In 2 seasons, Bobby Cox will have managed 25 seasons in Atlanta (counting his first stint in the 1970s).

Why not have him manage through the 2010 season? He would have managed Braves teams in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s.

And then hand the reigns over to Ned Yost and have him take the next steps the way Ron Gardenhire did when Tom Kelly retired.

They are going to be a 90 loss team this year and Glavine's career is over... Smoltz probably is done too. And Chipper is closer to 40 than he is to 30.

It seems like the right time to move on and Yost is the man to leave some of Cox's influence.

What do you Braves fans think?

Are you willing to concede that the glory days are over, Talking Chop?

How about you, Rowland's Office? Would you feel uncomfortable with anyone other than Cox as manager?

Yost might be a continuation of the Cox managerial style. Is that something you'd want, Braves World, or do you want a completely fresh start?

Does the fact that he was booted from Milwaukee make him damaged goods, Grimey?

Braves Net, are you of the Billy Beane school that the manager doesn't really matter?

Well it makes sense to me.
Moving from Milwaukee to Atlanta worked for the Braves.
It should work for Yost.

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