Monday, September 22, 2008

A strange morning in Yankeeland

This must be surreal for Jeter and Rivera.

Yeah they've experienced heart breaking defeats like in 2001 and they've seen their season end with a whuppin' like the 10-3 game 7 in 2004.

But there's always been an exclamation point, whether good or bad, to end of the year.
Either a dog pile on the mound... or Jeter with that angry thousand yard stare.

Not this...
The celebration of the stadium is over, but the Yankees still have six games to play.
One of those games won't be tonight... but their season can end tonight.

One win by the Red Sox and the post season run will officially be over.

And for the first time in their major league career, Rivera and Jeter will just be playing out the string.

The end of the year series with the Red Sox will mean literally nothing for either team if the Rays clinch the Division.

As a Red Sox fan you'd think I'd be relishing this moment and in a way I guess I am.
But the ultimate insult needs to be thrown at the Yankees now.

They are irrelevant right now.

I suppose the Yankees can get pumped up to play the Blue Jays to avoid falling into fourth place.

But having the Yankee Stadium finale take place with a week left is like handing out the Best Picture Oscar, then Best Costume Design and Best Documentary Short.

My dad asked me "What were they thinking scheduling the last day of Yankee Stadium and not doing it on the last day of the season?"

I replied "They probably thought there were going to be a few October games too."

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