Friday, September 19, 2008

Interesting George Brett clip

First of all, this clip would be rated R for its language and content...
As for this post, let's just say it's not one to read to the kids.

You've been warned.
Now enjoy this clip of George Brett.

This clip is amazing on about 921 levels

Not the least of which here is a rebuilding Royals team in 2005, fresh off of a 104 loss season with tons of young kids trying to make the squad.

And here s George Brett, undoubtedly the most famous player in Royals history talking to some of the young players (all wearing high numbers like 71) and is he giving them tips?

Is he telling them how to be a champion?

No, he is telling in great detail about how he takes a sh*t in his pants a few times a year (????)

I love that every once in a while you see Manager Tony Pena walking around looking at the young players while the Hall of Famer talks about soiling his blue jeans in Las Vegas.

And the players seem to be walking away from Brett towards the end to go to batting practice, and Brett won't let them go... he NEEDS to tell them how the story of ruining his clothes.

And the last line is brilliant.

Another note...
George Brett had a well publicized struggle with hemorrhoids during the 1980 World Series. I wonder if that could have been avoided if he had anything resembling bladder control.

One more note...
The most famous clip ever of Brett was him, well, losing his sh*t during the famous pine tar game. Knowing what I know know about his bowels... I wonder if he held it in then.

I wonder what Royals fans think of this.

Bruce at the Royal fan zone, what do you think of the greatest Royal of all time not showing the same control with himself as he did with the bat?

Hey Royals Retro, is this something Royals fans knew about Brett?

I wonder how much this affected the 2005 season for the Royals. Keith at Royal Tower, do you think a story like this would be a point of distraction? I know if Yaz showed up to spring training and started talking like that... it would screw me up a little.

He said this knowing he was miked. Joe at Royals fan in Atlanta, can you imagine what he would say if he WASN'T miked? Should we even want to?

A couple of times a year? Doesn't that seem... oh I don't know... like he's sick, Royals Review?

Finally let me ask you House of Georges. Had you seen this clip already? Has this been floating around Royals fans?

Either way, I want to thank my brother for sending me the most disturbing piece of video of the day.

Keep up the good work, Ted.

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  1. Anonymous8:50 PM

    George Brett can hit but he can't sit!