Monday, September 22, 2008


OK, enough of jumping on board with Yankee nostalgia.

Enough Olive Branches.

My team is on the verge of a playoff spot, knocking Jeter and company to the golf course and go forward with a chance to line up the rotation to win a third World Series title in 5 seasons.

I want Beckett to crush Cleveland like, well, it was last October.
I want Tampa to be crushed by Baltimore because I'm not conceding the division just yet.
And I want the Blue Jays to smack the Yankees around. "The Fourth Place Yankees" has too nice a ring to it.

I'm excited and I'm going to get nasty.
My team is the bad guy now.
I knew that last year.

Well I'm getting pumped up for the playoffs and I want the bad guys to win.

Cub fans want a title? You've had 100 years to get one! I'm greedy I want another.

Lots of familiar faces on the Dodgers? Nice to see you, now get out of our way!

Philadelphia needs a hug, sports wise? Then rent Rocky or that Marky Mark Eagles movie!

The Mets want a title before the team gets too old? Then Beltran should have swung the bat!

Griffey and Thome are ringless but have a shot the ChiSox?
If you want a ring so bad, maybe Papi give you each one of his... after he wins his third!

The Angels are the best team in baseball? Aren't they the team the Red Sox always sweep?

Tampa Bay is a nice story? So was Pollyanna... and I have no time for that!

And I'm getting nasty!

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