Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh Hank you are making it easy to hate the Yankees again

On the heels of the good will and goosebumps of the Yankee Stadium finale, the Boss’s son makes everyone remember why the Yankees are the easiest team to hate.

So Little Hank Steinbrenner… who first tried to write off the bad Yankees season to injuries (because Heaven knows no other teams had any injuries this season, just the Yankees) but now tries to brush aside Joe Torre’s success with Los Angeles based solely on the weaker division they played in.

Oh I see… so because the NL West isn’t as good, the fact that Torre is doing his job and winning said Division isn’t as impressive as finishing in third place.

I don’t seem to recall this logic working the other way. When the Yankees stumbled into the 2000 playoffs, they had lost their last 7 games, 15 of their last 17 games.

Their record was worse than the Indians who went 90-72, but failed to make the playoffs.

Did I hear anyone downgrading that accomplishment?
Nope, especially not after the Yankees righted the ship and beat Oakland, Seattle and the Mets for the World Series.

(Their last one I might add.)

And this coming off the heels of the closing ceremonies where Torre was snubbed.

I love it that some poor schlub named Jason Zillo was forced into the role of explaining that Torre's lack of recognition, even on the Jumbo Tron, was not a snubbing.

"A lot of great Yankees weren't mentioned," he reasoned.
Ah, so he slipped through the cracks.

Jesse Barfield gets a highlight clip, but the man who put together the greatest Yankee dynasty since Casey Stengel slipped your mind.

It couldn't have been because he turned down the Yankees lousy offer and the fact that his team is in first and the Yankees are playing out the string, could it?


Oh but keep talking Hank.
You are making your dad seem profound by comparison.

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