Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't get comfortable, Phanatic.... there might be anarchy

As if the Twins comeback wasn’t cool enough…
We had the Brewers staying alive with a walk off 10th inning grand slam…
We had Ryan Church saving the Mets season with an unreal slide followed by yet another walk off hit!

Who could be unhappy?

I’ll tell you who:

Think about this scenario…
The Washington Nationals beat Joe Blanton and the Phillies.
(Hey the Nats beat the Mets earlier this month)

OK then the Mets wind up beating the Florida Marlins at home.

And then the Brewers beat the resting Cubs.

None of those scenarios are outlandish, but the result would be!

That would mean the Phillies, Mets and Brewers would all be tied going into the last Saturday of the season.

No team assured a playoff spot!
The Cubs and Dodgers would have no clue who they would be playing in the Division Series going into at least Sunday.


(I’m not sure Philadelphia fans could handle this!!!!)

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