Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Astros...

Yeah I know it sucked that you had to go to Milwaukee to play those games with the Cubs.

Yeah it really sucked because those were supposed to be home games and instead you played them in a place that is nicknamed "Wrigley North."

Sure they could have put you in a more neutral site like Kansas City or a Minor League park.

And it REALLY sucked that Zambrano threw a no hitter at you and Ted Lilly almost did the same and any momentum you had was squashed.

But this whole protest down to the t shirts isn't Major League stuff... it's Bush League.

How about a little perspective?
Remember WHY you were transplanted?

Oh yeah! Hurricane Ike! And there are a lot of people in the Houston area that didn't have power, their homes or maybe lost a love one or two.

So maybe you can suck it up, go to Milwaukee and try to get hits, plural, over two games!

Yeah Bud Selig stinks. You are just figuring this out?
Yeah they favor the big markets to the little markets (except during strike time!)

Guess what? Baseball is very fair in one way:
Winning on the field trumps all.

The Rays have the lowest payroll in baseball and they play in a division with the highest payrolls. Yet they won more games.

If you won those games in Milwaukee it would have been a rallying cry for the team.

Now it is just whining.

Good job keeping it all in perspective.

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