Monday, September 22, 2008

21 things about tonight's pre game in Yankee Stadium

I may be a Red Sox fan, but a hat must be tipped to the Yankees for a goosebump filled closing night ceremony in the Bronx.

I have some thoughts.
Let's list them:

1. Even old and frail, Bob Shepherd sound amazing. Get well... they need his pipes in the new place.

2. The decision to have actors play the opening line up from 1923 was strange. Borderline "Knott's Berry Farm Musical Revue" territory. Good for ESPN that they didn't zoom in on them. Why not bring back descendants of the 1923 team?

3. Very cool moment was unveiling the 1922 AL Pennant that they raised over the park opening say in 1923. I wonder who has been keeping that all of these years?

4. I guess it says a lot about me being a film geek that I recognized the film scores they were playing as background music. Nice call playing the part of The Right Stuff soundtrack when John Glenn takes off.

5. Instead of having the sons of Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris out there, why not have John Turturro, Thomas Jane and Barry Pepper? For that matter, Erik Jensen who played Thurman Munson in The Bronx is Burning was awesome. Have him in full uni.

6. I can't believe they made poor Roy White jog all the way out to left field.

7. What was cooler than Willie Randolph sliding into second base? Great to see the Yankee fans bring him back into the family after the dreadful treatment he got from the Mets. Who knows? A few more third place finishes by Girardi and he might be the manager!

8. Great camera work by ESPN isolating Reggie Jackson in right field and having the fans chant "Reg-Gie!"

9. Man Yankee fans love Paul O'Neill. If he were a Red Sox hitter, I guess I'd love him too.

10. 15 years since he left, it's still odd seeing Wade Boggs in a Yankees uniform.

11. It really is amazing to look at Yogi Berra... a man who looks like an old Italian barber... and think not only was that man an athlete, but he was one of the greats of all time playing the most demanding position.

12. Stay healthy Yogi... baseball has never had a cooler elder statesman.

13. Thank God Yogi patched things up with George 9 years ago. Can you imagine this night with Yogi being a no-show.

14. Seriously, end with Yogi. When you have him, finish with him. Unless you cloned Joe-D, you're not going to top Yogi.

15. In the montage of third basemen, they didn't show the Boone home run. Not that I need to see it ever again, but it's odd that they showed so many great Yankee post season moments... doesn't that rank high?

15. In the montage of center fielders, I wonder why they didn't show Mickey Rivers.

16. Do you think David Wells was thinking "You guys could have signed me for 2008! I've been at home downing wings and yet still managed to tie Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes in the win column!"

17. How glad is Don Larsen that he got that perfect game? Save for that game, he had an unremarkable career. And yet on the night they close Yankee Stadium, he stands on the mound with Ron Guidry, Whitey Ford, Goose Gossage and the widow of Catfish Hunter.

18. I wonder if there was another former Yankee who won a Cy Young award? I wonder if that person was free? I bet Clemens didn't even get an invite.

19. The Red Sox couldn't pull off a night like this. The announcer would have to keep saying "It ended badly but we buried the hatchet" before every single player's intro.

20. It was nice to see Joba Chamberlain talking with the former Yankees and watching the ceremonies as if he was seeing his future. Now if only they could make up their minds if he should start or close.

21. I'm kind of glad the Yankees won. It would have been awkward to see the Orioles shaking hands on the field as the stadium closes up.

One more thing... I hope Freddie was there


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Yep. Freddie was there. A amazing classy night, as only the Yankees can do!

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    admit it - you love the Yankees

  3. Anonymous11:12 AM

    actually how 'classy' can it have been when they apparently didn't even invite Joe Torre to the schmaltz-fest?

    I know he spent most of time snoozing in the dugout but it remains the case that they won four championships under his somnolent leadership.

  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    re #21: awkward indeed. But imagine how much more awkward it will be if the Red Sox now melt down totally and the Yankees after all get to the play-offs and then they have to come back for least two more Last Possible Games Ever at the Stadium

  5. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Wow--no Torre?! Say it ain't so, Joe! But was Scooter watching from above?