Thursday, September 04, 2008

Say it with me Red Sox fans... LET'S GO YANKEES!!!

I can feel the glory of 26 Championships basking over me!
I can feel the honor and the pride of the Pinstripes!

I get choked up thinking of those great Yankees honored in Monument Park and knowing that the Yankees... the team I am rooting for today... has been the standard for generations.

Putting on the uniform just DOES something to a fan.

And Red Sox fans all across this country need to root for the Yankees tonight!

No... the blog hasn't been hijacked by a crazed Yankee fan.
And no, I'm not raising my "Red Sox fans and Yankee fans should be friends" theory to a new level.

Sure we all hate the Yankees and man oh man is it fun seeing them as relevant as the Washington Nationals in September.

Yes it is great watching Jeter doing the math in his head realizing "Holy Cow... I'm going home this October."

And nobody has more fun watching the Yankees tumble and even fanticising about a 4th place finish.

But there is a bigger picture to follow.
The Yankees are 10 back of the Rays and 7 games behind the Defending World Champion Boston Red Sox.

As long as the Defending World Champion Boston Red Sox keep winning, the Yankees won't make up a week of games.

And there is no way they are going to make up 10 games behind Tampa.
They are dead.

They are one of the Thugees falling off the bridge in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
No matter how much the Yankees flail their arms, they are falling into the river and will be eaten by crocodiles.

But the division is in sight.
A Yankees win will pull the Sox to within 2 1/2 games (3 in the loss collumn)with 6 head to head Tampa games left.

And yeah, I know the important thing is to get into the playoffs... but I think that home field advantage will be huge for the Sox this year. They play better at Fenway and they aren't as deep as the '04 and '07 teams. They need every advantage they can get.

And while the Sox plowed through the Angels in their two World Championship seasons, I want no part of them this year. I'd much rather face either the Twins or the White Sox in the first round.

So I want that division...
Even if it means holding your nose and rooting for the Yankees.

So for one night at least...

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