Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why would anyone go to today's Tigers/A's game?

The Tigers are out of it.
The A's are out of it.
The teams are playing out the string.
It's a day game and school is back in.

Seriously who is showing up to this game.

Here are 10 reasons to go to the Tigers/A's game.

1. You desperately want a foul ball and figured this is your best shot.

2. You are an A's fan nostalgic for the 1972 ALCS when Oakland won their first pennant against the Tigers.

3. You are a Tigers fan nostalgic for the 2006 ALCS when Detroit beat the A's.

4. You are in the witness protection program.

5. You are having an affair and want to be in a place where you know nobody will see you.

6. You have Armando Galarraga fever.

7. You made a sign that has an acronym that spells FOX and damn it, you want to have it seen on TV.

8. You are RoboCop villain Clarence Boddicker, and as you stated, you never miss a Tigers game.

9. Someone told you someone from the Red Wings was going to be at the game.

10. You just need some peace and quiet.

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