Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thank God for XM!

I took my kids to a museum and playground in Pasadena today and when I drove back home, I was able to flip around on the XM in time to hear...

Ryan Braun's homer
The back to back homers by Helms and Uggla
The Twins winning
The White Sox winning
Milwaukee going nuts with Sabathia, arguably the greatest rental of all time, going the distance
The surreal sound of the morgue known as Shea Stadium when the last out was made

All the while driving back to South Pasadena with my guys.

When Ryan Braun homered I said "WOW!" as loud as I could. And with the crowd cheering, I looked back and saw my boy Matty clapping. He didn't know what was happening, he knew it was big.

I looked back at his twin brother Aidan.
He asked me "Is Sabathia going the distance?"

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