Sunday, September 28, 2008


At the beginning of this season, I made a private vow to write not only an entry about every single team but also try and talk to a few fans of each team as well.

And with my desperate Rangers entry, I completed it on the eve of the last game.

I made a public vow last season that I fulfilled.

But this year I kept the vow to myself in case work or other distractions that could befall upon a 36 year old father of two could have prevented me from discussing the Kansas City Royals.

Let's review how I saw this year's vow to the finish line.

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS: I wondered why Phoenix wasn't a bigger baseball town.

ATLANTA BRAVES: I urged the Braves to ease into the Ned Yost era.

BALTIMORE ORIOLES: I wondered if the Orioles fans lamented the fact that the Rays became the surprise Division winner and not them.

BOSTON RED SOX: Oh, I wrote a few... the biggest one being my asking the Nation if watching the Yankees get eliminated from post season play was anticlimactic.

CALIFORNIA ANGELS (Which is what they should be called): I asked their fans if they really appreciated the Mike Scioscia era.

CHICAGO CUBS: I asked Cub fans if they could imagine it getting worse... because it could.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX: I wondered why nobody likes the White Sox... except a small and kind of angry fan base

CINCINNATI REDS: I wondered if Reds fans long for Riverfront Stadium.

CLEVELAND INDIANS: I wrote about how Cleveland needs a hug

COLORADO ROCKIES: I wondered if the Rockies actually did win the 2007 NL Pennant.

DETROIT TIGERS: I suggested to the Tigers that now was the time to dump some dead wood

FLORIDA MARLINS: I seemed to have written a lot about the Marlins this year. My big question was asking how they remember their two World Series titles

HOUSTON ASTROS: Before Ike I wondered how the hell they got to be a good team again.

KANSAS CITY ROYALS: I wondered if Royals fans saw the clip of George Brett... the greatest Royal of all time... discussing his problem of soiling his drawers. I admit that one was a reach.

LOS ANGELES DODGERS: I urged the Dodgers to not let Hideo Nomo retire without a proper send off.

MILWAUKEE BREWERS: I felt the Brewers kind of panicked. I didn't foresee the Mets flop

MINNESOTA TWINS: I made a case to save the Metrodome... which got me a few nasty comments from Twins fans. I thought Minnesotans were supposed to be nice all the time.

NEW YORK METS: I compared the Mets to Jaws 2. It turned out to be much more scary.

NEW YORK YANKEES: I encouraged the Yankees to deal Mike Mussina.

OAKLAND ATHLETICS: I wondered how much A's fans must hate their TV coverage.

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES: I wondered which team Phillies fans hated the most.

PITTSBURGH PIRATES: I wondered how Pirates fan manage to find a reason to cheer their team when they give them nothing in return.

SAN DIEGO PADRES: I questioned how much suffering a Padres fan goes through if they live in San Diego!

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS: I tried to figure out which curse the Giants have.

SEATTLE MARINERS: I saluted the most underrated misery in sports... being a Seattle fan.

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS: I wondered if Cardinals fans actually liked Tony LaRussa.

TAMPA BAY RAYS: I encouraged an actual rivalry between the Rays and the Red Sox which led directly to my live Blog on Rays Index.

TEXAS RANGERS: I wondered if it were possible that I have never met a Rangers fan in my life.

TORONTO BLUE JAYS: I thought the Jays should resign Cito Gaston and I turned out to be smart with that one.

WASHINGTON NATIONALS: I wondered if their collective misery belongs with the Cubs and Indians.

So there you have it... it was a great regular season and hopefully I picked up a few readers along the way.

And those of you who hate my blog, please continue to write.
I always enjoy criticism... even when it is wrong.

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