Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey you people screaming about a salary cap!

Today the team with the highest payroll in baseball is playing the team with the smallest payroll in the American League.

One of the teams is the best team in baseball trying to secure a division title.
The other faces a double digit defecit and has to be content playing the role of spoiler.

Guess which team is which?
Yup... all the Yankees can do is be a spoiler as the Rays are October bound.

Remember the firesale the Marlins had that shrunk their payroll to baseball's lowest?
Remember how they sent off their best known players to the Tigers and the Tigers payroll skyrocketed to over $100 million?

On September 4th, only one of those two teams has a winning record.
Guess which one it is... no guess!

It ain't the Tigers, believe you me.

Remind me why we need a salary cap again.

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