Thursday, September 04, 2008

TBS can save money on blimps

With the Rays cruising to a playoff spot and the Twins only a game back, TBS could have a nightmarish Division Series match up... possibly even worse than their Rockies/Diamondbacks NLCS last year.

Picture a Twins/Rays Division Series.
Picture two domed stadiums... too horrifically ugly domed stadiums. (My defense of the Metrodome not withstanding)

Great blimp shots, eh?
"We're looking down on... well... a monstroscity and we can't even see the f---ing game!"

And while both teams play great fundemental baseball, how are they going to promote it? "GARZA VERSUS BAKER! Only ONE can win!"

I guess "Hey! Here are a pair of over achieving teams that just 7 years ago were threatened with contraction... now at least one of them will get to the ALCS. They play the game with heart, spirit and without spoiled stars! Come watch!"

No way THAT could work

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