Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Career Save #1 for Aroldis Chapman...

I've been saying since last year that Aroldis Chapman should be the closer for the Reds. Having a guy chucking 100MPH out of the pen to close the game out is an unlikely weapon. And yeah, he's been up and down this year, but who else has a bullet like this in their gun?

Now of course it took a total Reds bullpen meltdown to put him in the closer role tonight. It took the Reds blowing an 8-0 lead.

But watching him in the 13th inning, even with the hit in the middle of the inning, he just looked like a guy who overwhelmed the St. Louis bats.

The last pitch was 101 MPH!

The Reds are not out of this race, but if they drop many more games with Francisco Cordero blowing leads.

Keep him in the closer role, Dusty.

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