Friday, July 15, 2011

The First Place Pittsburgh Pirates

It's after the All Star Game and the Pirates are in first place... tied with St. Louis yet with fewer losses.

They are contenders. If the playoffs started today, they'd be in a one game playoff with St. Louis. Actually with the Reds come from behind win and Jeff Karstens shutout of Houston, the National League Central has become wonderfully bunched together. 4 teams are within 3 games of first place.

But this is the latest the Pirates have had even a share of first since July 17, 1997. But even that deserves a little asterisk next to it. They were in first place because the 1997 NL Central was so lousy. They had a .500 record in mid July 1997 and still were tied for the top spot.

So this is the best Pirates team since 1992...
First step is first. Change the culture and have a winning season.
If they go 34-37 the rest of the way, they'll finish above .500.

But for right now, take a gander Pirates fans.
It's late in the season... It's 57% over.

And here's what the standings look like.
Savor it.

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  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    They won't win the division, but they should end their streak, this will give them all kinds of confidence.

  2. It's the beginning of a change of culture... kind of like when the A's had a winning season in 1999 that led to a playoff run

  3. They will finish around .500 sadly

  4. If they finish ABOVE .500... even 82-80... it is a huge monkey off the back of this franchise